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Teach in a Friendly, Relaxed Environment!

SICL is seeking new and returning Instructors to teach engaging classes for our active senior members, which stimulate the mind in an enjoyable way.  Each Fall and Spring semesters, SICL classes are offered during a 10-week period, on the San Joaquin Delta College campus in Stockton.  Instructors have the flexibility of teaching a short-term class, anywhere from only one class meeting to teaching the full 10-week term.  Although SICL Instructors volunteer their time, those whose classes meet four or more times in one term receive a free SICL membership for the semester.

Class Proposal Consideration

We hope you will consider this rewarding educational opportunity. If you are interested in teaching a class and would like to complete and submit a class proposal form for consideration, please download and complete the appropriate Word or PDF document/form below.  Alternatively, you may scroll further down the page and click on the new Online Form, which emails the contents of your form to the Curriculum Chairpersons.

Or… Try our new, simplified application which forwards your information immediately and directly to the SICL Curriculum Co-Chairs by email.  Simply scroll further down this page to find the online form (currently in beta test).  

Class Proposal Deadlines

  • Fall class proposals should be submitted by early May.
  • Spring class proposals should be submitted by early October.


Please contact one of our Curriculum Co-Chairs if you have other questions or need additional information. Thank you!

Anita Kelly
(209) 403-9580

Linda Hendricks
(209) 401-1833


(New Online) SICL Class Instructor Inquiry Form

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