Become a SICL Instructor

Providing Affordable and Enriching Workshops, Speakers and Tours for Lifelong Learners at Delta College.


Become a SICL Workshop Instructor

Teach in a Friendly, Relaxed Environment!

SICL is seeking new and returning Instructors to teach engaging workshops for our active senior members, which stimulate the mind in an enjoyable way. Each Fall and Spring semesters, SICL workshops are offered during a 10-week period, on the San Joaquin Delta College campus in Stockton. Instructors have the flexibility of teaching a short-term workshop, ranging from only one meeting to teaching the full 10-week term. SICL Instructors are volunteers, and will receive a free membership for the current term.

Class Proposal Consideration

We hope you will consider this rewarding educational opportunity.

  • Fall workshop proposals should be submitted by early May.
  • Spring workshop proposals should be submitted by early October.


Please contact our Curriculum Chair if you have other questions, need additional information, or would like to receive a Workshop Proposal Form. Thank you!

Meredith McMindes